Tips to save money on gas for your boat



Tips for boat owners to save money on gas.

Tips from Boat Owners Association of the United States to improve fuel economy.

■ Leave your extra "junk" at home. Never load up the boat with items, and thereby weight, that you don't need.

■ Tune up the engine. An engine tune-up is an excellent investment that can improve fuel economy by up to 20%.

■ Tune your proppeler. For example, if your boat goes 30 mph with a pristine prop and it only goes 27 mph with an out of pitch or dinged prop, that's a 10 percent loss in fuel economy and 10% potential savings on gas.

■ Keep the boat in trim. Using trim tabs, or even just distributing the weight on the boat evenly will help move your boat through the water with less effort, and as an effective way to save money on gas.







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